Channel Launch, Telltale’s Walking Dead, Minecraft: Story Mode

Well, the last couple weeks have been pretty hectic, but things went well and I launched my channel on the Fifteenth like I planned. My initial videos came out pretty good despite my thorough lack of ability and familiarity with most of this process. I did a little bit of video editing in high school, but it was only a couple assignments and that was with a different program. The game capturing, photo, video, and sound editing, and being on camera were all things that I wasn’t very accustomed to doing, which is why some of my content is pretty rough around the edges, but that’s to be expected. I’m just starting out so I have a lot of room for improvement and things to learn.

So far when it comes to gaming I’ve been playing a handful of games that I own. I don’t have many, so it will be fairly limited for now. I plan on doing a playthrough of Telltale Games The Walking Dead, which I’m looking forward to. I never played it, but I wanted to as I was interested in its narrative driven focus and well written characters. I love video games of all variety, and that includes games that are focused on story. Unfortunately, until the last few years, it had become pretty rare to see a deep, emotionally moving video game. I don’t want every game to be like this by any means, I want diversity in what is available in the gaming market, but I do appreciate them a lot.

Now, Minecraft: Story Edition, that’s a game I dislike the idea of. It incorporates nothing of what makes Minecraft an incredibly special and impressive creation. Having watched a little bit of Let’s Play of it from Pracy, as well as Dodger, I will say that it’s very well written, and quite funny. My issue with the game is that it seems to be just cashing in on the popularity of the Minecraft brand, while simultaneously not really attempting to have any resemblance whatsoever to what makes Minecraft special. I’m not against it existing as a game or anything extreme like that: if people enjoy it, then I’m happy for them. I think I would’ve just preferred a DLC story mode to the actual Minecraft game, incorporating new NPC’s, voiceovers, mobs, biomes, and other elements that would make the world feel more alive and provide quests, backstory, and various activities to undertake.

If you enjoyed this post, check back regularly for more. I’ll keep blogging each week as I add videos, and I’ll discuss more things that I find interesting which are related content-wise to my Youtube channel. Thanks for coming by!


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