Talking about week one and Youtube Red

Hey everybody! Ultimate Oddball here. Well, week one is done, and it went great. I’ve uploaded a good amount of content so far, and I have a quite a bit more ready to go. ‘Oddball’s Guide to Dealing With Ghosts’ was part of the launch, which I’m happy about. It’s the unofficial pilot for my new internet sitcom ‘Oddball and The Ghost’, which is an homage to, and parody of, the classic sitcoms of my youth, and can be found here:

Most of the stuff I’ve done so far has been pretty new to me, but I feel like it’s come out pretty well. I’ve really enjoyed scoring my gameplay videos, writing and filming skits, and the positive feedback has been awesome. I’ll be releasing more in the series that I’ve already put out, as well as new stuff, in the coming weeks.

Today, I’m going to talk about Youtube Red, a ten dollar per month subscription service which allows viewers to skip all ads, as well as providing access to brand new high budget content from established Youtubers. I believe that the success of this program will depend entirely on how it is deployed. One of the main questions will be whether there is any less payout with Youtube Red viewers versus with normal ads. There is a potential for loss or gain here, depending on a number of variables. All a viewer has to do with an ad before a video is watch thirty seconds of it, or the entirety of the ad if it’s shorter, and the content creator gets paid a few tenths of a cent. Youtube Red is based on minutes watched by Youtube Red subscribers, so it isn’t automatic after thirty seconds. This could be beneficial if your videos have relatively long watch times, which is something that we know Youtube is very interested in. Depending on the pay per minute watched for Youtube Red subscribers, content creators all over might end up making more overall, but that’s only if they can generate views from Youtube Red subscribers. It will be interesting to see the analytics on Red a month or two after it launches to see what kind of videos are doing well, and whether it becomes a widespread thing or not. I would expect Youtube to fine tune it in the six months after launch in order to increase the overall value.

One thing that I think would highly add to the overall value, and be a great selling point and business decision, would be increasing the amount of new content that is part of Youtube Red by adding small to medium sized channels that make excellent, consistent content, who can create a separate series that will potentially draw in new subscribers to Red. This would not only provide a more substantial selection of content, but would also bring in subscribers from those channels to Red, and bring Red subscribers who might not have otherwise found those content creators back to their original channel. As it stands now, Red is entirely dependent on what sounds based on the statements by Youtube like a small amount of original content. Yes, it’s from proven Youtubers, but they will be doing totally new things. Even the most talented people sometimes have trouble doing new things that are out of their normal comfort zone. I hope it goes great for them, but, if it doesn’t, then Youtube is going to have trouble selling people on a service just based on it blocking ads, considering the relatively large percentage of people who utilize ad blocking software or apps.

Well, this has been my blog post for this week. If you haven’t already, check out my Youtube channel at , and if you like what you see and want to see more, hit subscribe while you’re there. I release at least one new video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On my channel, I play and analyze video games, I talk about my experiences on the autism spectrum, I make comedic skits, and I discuss subjects that I find interesting. Thanks for coming by!


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