Being Blocked By @brainpowerasd

Recently I came across a company called Brain Power ( which is developing some research I found intriguing involving Google Glass and autism. They utilize the technology in Google Glass to treat various difficulties and issues that autistic people face. I heard about them by watching a video on Youtube wherein the CEO seemed to be asking for “family funding” to develop this technology. At that point, I went to the Brain Power website to research them more. I was surprised to find that Brain Power is a Limited Liability Corporation: as far as I can tell it is not a non-profit. Unless I am confused and have misunderstood the statements made by the CEO, which is entirely possible, it seems problematic that what appears to be a for profit organization would be asking the families of autistic people, who already often face considerable costs for therapies and various treatments, for funding.

I was concerned that I had misunderstood the video, so I tweeted them at @brainpowerasd ( to ask for clarification. I also commented on another post. I didn’t see anything worth blocking me in the posts, as I was extremely polite, but perhaps others will have a different opinion:

(Tweet from another person directed towards @Brainpowerasd that I responded to)

(My response)

The following image illustrates that I was blocked as well as the time and date:

I find it extremely problematic that not only was I ignored after asking basic questions, but I was also blocked so that I can no longer interact with them in any capacity. My personal opinion is that any organization which purports to be focused on helping autistic people, but blocks an autistic self advocate who asks basic questions about their business practices, is not displaying behavior in line with their mission statement. I think it’s important for everyone to be careful of which businesses we support. I feel emotionally very wary of the idea that any business is interested in helping us autistic people and our families when said business displays behavior like this.

I’ll update this if needed. Thanks for coming by, and have a good day.


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