Update On Everything

Hey everybody! Ultimate Oddball here. I wanted to put up an update as to everything happening with the channel right now. If you watch my videos you may be aware that I don’t have air conditioning at the moment, which has made recording videos a bit difficult. A few days ago we got a portable unit to use temporarily, but you pretty much have to be next to it for it to help. Recording videos, due to the sensitivity of my microphone, has to be done with fans off to prevent awful background noise. Because of this, making videos has been a bit difficult lately. It’ll be at least a month until I have a an AC unit that can actually cool my living area, so things have to change up temporarily.

I didn’t want to slow down from the five videos a week I’ve been doing for a while, so I decided to mix in some videos of just gameplay without a face-cam over the course of the next month or so. I recently started playing Warframe and love it, so I thought that would make some good gameplay. I am not ceasing use of face-cam in my videos permanently: this is absolutely a temporary thing. I love being able to react to things and discuss elements of the game, though with Warframe I’m often so engrossed that it would probably just be me staring at the screen.

I will be continuing some video series and starting new ones. As series have become stale or if they did not garner interest, I’ve been stopping them and starting new ones. Over time I will cycle back to many of them, though, especially games which are updated over time, like Steam Early access games. I’ve tried to switch to PC games almost entirely because for some reason I get much better video quality on my PC. This is counter-intuitive, as my Elgato should be doing most of the work when I record from my Xbox 360, which makes me think I’ve got the settings wrong. My laptop is in the low to mid range as far as processing, memory, and GPU, so I have to adjust settings and trial and error it a lot to get the right mix of quality and consistent frame-rate. I’ve got my OBS settings good on recording PC games, but I still have to keep working at getting the settings right for capturing from my 360.


Recently a friend of mine gave me a bunch of his 360 games, speaking of, which is part of why I have some new series in mind. Included in the list of games I think will make good videos is ‘Sims 3 Pets’, which allows me to control Sims and their animals. I played it for a few minutes after making a house and really enjoyed sending Pasley the puppy outside to bark at the neighbor dogs who came over to say ‘Welcome to the neighborhood!’. Another good possibility is ‘Red Dead Redemption’, a game I really enjoyed playing years ago when I owned it the first time. Also, Xbox Live Games With Gold is giving out ‘X-Com: Enemy Unknown’ from the 16th to the 30th, which always makes great videos and is a game I’ve only played the demo of (though that may have been ‘Enemy Within’). I’ll be continuing the Warframe videos mixed in with the other series I’ve been doing over the next month or so, and hopefully by then I’ll be able to start recording with face-cam again.

There will be a new autism video tomorrow for the ‘Thoughts On the Spectrum’ series. Last week I took off, partly because of this heat/no AC issue and partly because I just needed a little bit of me time. I had planned to take at least one week off from the series this year, so they should be consistent from now on. The plan right now is to continue them until at least October 15th, the one year mark of the channel and the series starting, but that relies on my ability to continue to find topics for each video, which has started to become slightly more difficult. Luckily I realized that I could analyze and discuss studies which have interesting findings or new information and that would provide solid content for the series as well. There are always new studies, so the series may move from general subjects and information which isn’t commonly known, which has been the focus, more into covering new scientific advances and research. This is a very intriguing time for autism research as the scientific community is starting to listen to advocates and self advocates about the language and subjects in studies on autism. This means we may see a shift in scientific focus from the “search for a cure”, which has been at the forefront, into areas which actually help autistic people.

Well, thanks for coming by, and have a great day.


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