My First Comicon (A Photo Story)

This year I was lucky enough to go to my first ever Comicon. As a lifelong lover of sci-fi, fantasy, and of course comics and video games, I was pretty psyched to go. My friend Louie was nice enough to take me with him and get a few pictures of me there. While I was there I visited a lovely Star Wars cantina, and here’s what happened next:

I ran across some bounty hunters and noticed the super cool blasters they had in their holsters. I thought to myself: “Hey, these are nice folks. I’m sure they won’t mind if I take one and give it a closer look.”

They were not pleased.


(Bounty Hunters pictured giving me, a long haired tall man, a stern talking to while I have my hands held up in the air and eyes wide with fright. The Bounty Hunter on the left is holding a blaster in their right hand and pointing at me with their left hand. To the right of that Bounty Hunter is their slightly shorter differently armored companion who has a blaster pointed at me with their right hand and an arm laser pointed slightly away from me on their left arm. Behind them is a counter island with drinks on it, and behind that is the bar storage area which has various machines. A bald alien wearing a stylish down jacket is watching from near the bar.)


(Bounty Hunters pictured yelling. The Bounty Hunter on the right is now pointing their arm laser at me. My hands are still in the air. At this point my arms are beginning to hurt. Their lecture on local customs has been going on for roughly sixty minutes.)

Not long after that, I was able to calm them down. I went off to enjoy some drinking, and after four or eight or so drinks I was having a lot of fun! I was dancing and laughing and having a merry time! Unfortunately those Bounty Hunters from earlier saw me doing my laughing pointing dance and for some reason thought I was poking fun at them. They were not pleased.


After some yelling back and forth, I went over to see what was wrong. They were both very upset, claiming I had been doing impressions of them, which is untrue. I was doing an impression of another Bounty Hunter jerk I know. Anyways, I’d had enough of being pushed around, so you know what I did? I unleashed the Force on those jackasses.



(Bounty Hunters pictured standing next to each other. The Bounty Hunter on the left has their hands at their side and weapons in their holsters. The other has their right hand at their side holding a blaster and their left hand pointing an arm laser at me. I have my arm extended toward the Bounty Hunter on the left with my hand in a choking motion, a look of immense concentration on my face.)

“Things are going well.” I thought to myself. I could feel the Force coursing through me.



(Bounty Hunters pictured in a similar position, with the one on the left hunching over slightly.)

This was about the time that I remembered: “Hey, I don’t actually know how to use the Force.”


(Bounty Hunters pictured standing next to each other, with me furiously attempting to choke them, and the Bounty Hunter on the left now brandishing a blaster in their left hand while reaching cross body towards their belt. I look slightly concerned.)


They were not pleased.


(Bounty Hunters pictured in the previous three images standing in similar positions with the Bounty Hunter on the left pulling out and brandishing a knife while holding the blaster up towards the sky. I look slightly more concerned in each image, with my eyes closed in the last image as I call on the Force once again.)


As I concentrated with all my might, something amazing happened: everything around me flew away in an enormous blast of power and energy.

Just kidding. The Bounty Hunters felt bad for me on account of how ridiculous I looked, and they said shame was punishment enough. They even bought me a shot of Nabooian whiskey. It tasted like swamp!



Oh, and I met R2D2! I asked for an autograph, and they beeped back at me, and I said “Twenty dollars, are you kidding me?”, then we laughed and laughed. I think that’s what those beeps meant anyways. R2 was very down to Earth, which is surprising because they’re a droid and also I don’t think they’ve ever even been to Earth.

(Pictured is R2D2, a medium sized droid, looking up at me while I look back, smiling slightly. After this picture was taken we went back to the bar and R2 beat up the Bounty Hunters for me. Then we got drunk together. Great times!)

And that was my first Comicon! Hope you enjoyed this photo story!
Ultimate Oddball


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